Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology


Nowadays, technology has advanced in terrific leaps and limits. No one can imagine the world without technological advances such as laptops, televisions, machines and so on.

However, there are many advantages and disadvantages of technology in tourism. People use technology to plan their trip which makes it more convenient and easier. They can research destinations to their personal pace, store round for the nice fares and hotel deals, and make reservations right from the computer.


On the other hand, technology also brings harm to the society.

  1. Privacy has been affected by the coming up of the internet.
  2. Another disadvantage is that, technology has brought in the industry is, it has caused unemployment. Many people who worked in the hotels as managers, waiters, and cooks, as well as those in the tourism industry such as tour guides, lost their jobs to cut the cost and by utilizing the internet.

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